Friday, 14 November 2014

REVIEW: Jamie T @ Barrowlands, Glasgow

Friday, 14 November 2014

There was no new post last Friday, I know. I was unfortunately otherwise occupied. With a lot to be getting on with at work and actually managing to go out and socialise, I just didn't find the time to write anything.

I did post a little bonus post yesterday, something short and sweet concerning the rules of going to gigs. You can find it here and comment your own!

I also felt a little bit of pressure, considering how well my post about mental health, being a carer and the negative perceptions on social media did. It was remarkable how it felt to be called inspirational for just writing about this one thing that happened in my life and I was a little overwhelmed by the support I was given.

Don't get me wrong, I actually couldn't be any more grateful if I tried, but I was a bit lost on inspiration and needed a bit of a sit back.

I thought I'd just talk about what I've been up to this past week which really has only consisted of one, huge, life-altering, emotional roller-coaster of an event - going to see Jamie T live for the second time.

I saw him this one time in Edinburgh, 5 and a half bloody years ago and met him afterwards. At 15 years of age, it was the best thing to have ever happened in my life. You can read more about that within my 'Carry on the Grudge' review.

WARNING: All my photos are crap...
I mean who has time for selfies when there's dancing to be had?

As if I couldn't already be more excited about finally seeing him play new material, the gig was being held at the Barrowlands, Glasgow. Everyone in Scotland knows the Barras, as it's so affectionately named, as the best venue in Scotland and maybe even the world.

It's not in the prettiest part of town but you just can't top a night in the Gallowgate.

My friend Emma and I went to the Maths building of Glasgow Uni to hand in her projects, where I learnt all about Dyck numbers and Cauchy... (I have no idea either.) and then headed to the uni for a few rounds of pool (I won) and cheap drinks. We missed the support band 'Slaves' but I was really only wanting to see the man himself.

Emma and I had one of those drunken 'I love to tell you everything about me' chats and then had a jolly old walk to the venue.

The only bad thing I have to say about the Barras is that the vodka and lemonade tastes shit. Like bleach. It probably was bleach, but that didn't dampen the mood.

You could just tell everyone was literally abuzz with anticipation, excitement and joy.

The most impressive thing for me, was that though Jamie T had been away for a pretty lengthy time - I became an adult! - he hadn't changed at all.

Yes, his music has progressed and has a darker undertone, and he has experimented with different genres and styles (Don't You Find anyone?) but his songs are never void of his alt-pop beats and chat-rap.

When it came to the set-list I couldn't have been more pleased. It was almost as if someone had put together a playlist of my favourite songs from all three of his albums.

My highlights included a very eerie Limits Lie and the crowd sing-along favourite If You Got The Money.

Emma and I didn't think he would play songs like Pacemaker or Spider's Web but he did and then some. 

Shy of 11pm, following a stripped back Calm Down Dearest, the crowd were then presented with the most perfectly packaged encore consisting of his most famous hits, Sheila which when the opening lines were sung, sent the place into pure meltdown, stand-out second single from the new album Zombie and finishing on an absolutely mental Sticks 'N' Stones.

I always think that it's a sign of a great gig if you rush to the last train home a bit battered and bruised, smelling like a brewery and (disgustingly) covered in someone's piss. Yes, that just happens sometimes.

Jamie sounded fantastic live and through chatting to a few other people on the train (and singing a few rounds of If You Got The Money) they seemed to agree.

So, for a great night, thank you Barras and thank you Jamie T.

As for right now...

This shit is real.
(Yeah, I made a thing.)

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